What is the relationship between nature and cognitive function? I have noticed I haven’t had the same level of creative thought that I had been having. Maybe it’s a change in overall routine, a change in my showering time or a change in my outdoor time.  I have had pretty big changes to all of these areas and pIan on trying to get them back on track to see what helps most. I do remember both long showers and walks were more or less some of the most productive periods of thought for me (the other notable one being engaged in quality, mind-stimulating talks: the occasional podcast, event or one on one convo)

I think it is vital to immerse oneself in nature, ideally regularly, at least occasionally. The Japanese have a culture of “bathing in nature” an idea I subscribe to.  But what should we do when we don’t have access to real, pristine nature?

Make the best of it.

Living largely in urban environments I feel it is still valuable to explore regularly. Go to museums, notice the architecture, take a different route to where you are going. Maybe, slow down or simply have no real agenda now and then. Wander. Appreciate. Marvel. Stimulate your mind. I try to do this regularly, whether it is taking a walk at the local falls, or a quick trip to the museum to marvel at ginevra de’ benci or some beautiful works by Monet and Van Gogh. Appreciating the simple beauty of the things we have access to can have profound effects on oneself.

There are many examples of intellectuals who would go for a walk everyday to refresh their minds, even if it became ritualistic it seems to still have added value.

What gives you an intellectual boost? Discover it and nurture/feed it regularly.