I listened to a podcast today, ep110 by Noah Kagan, featuring mama fu’s founder Randy Murphy.

Key takeaways:

  • Invest in tech services to make things easier now while setting yourself up for future dividends.
  • Utilize outside sources to get a different view; such as a coach, mentor, NPS surveys
  • Be aware of who your customers are and their needs on a granular level. AM vs PM vs dine in vs take out etc.
  • Your team needs to change as the company enters different phases. Right person for the right job with a skew on forward hiring

It was both refreshing and interesting to listen to a founder who more or less set out building a company with a solid foundation. Technically he didn’t start the company but he took it over and has implemented many best practices that most companies do not think about until much later. Building with the future in mind is something so many people kick down the road until they are forced to improve or simply fail. The truth is there are so many great tools out there now that can make your journey less stressful while allowing you to reap benefits in the future.