Check these out

This page will share some books, podcasts etc., and notes on why I liked them. The books are books that I felt were very meaningful, helpful and/or resonated with me.


  • This week in startups
  • Noah Kagan Presents
  • The Tim ferriss show
  • The Founders mind
  • Making sense/Sam Harris
  • Intellectual Dark Web/Eric Weinstein
  • Conversations with Tyler
  • A16z
  • The James Altucher show
  • Akimbo


Zero to One Peter Thiel & Blake Masters

Against the Odds James Dyson

The War of Art Steven Pressfield

1000 Dollars and an Idea Sam Wyly

Leonardo DaVinci Walter Isaacson

Einstein Walter Isaacson

Surely Your Joking Mr Feynman Richard Feynman